Tiziana Gentili-Nenning - Schmetterling
The new children's book "Niki, the Little Marsh Turtle"
from the authoress Tiziana Gentili-Nenning is an
instructive adventure story with educational value
for children of the age of 3-9 years.

By hearing or reading the adventure of the little marsh turtle "Niki"
small children develop a consciousness of the beauty of nature.
In addition they experience playful the feelings of joy and fear,
as well as the values of friendship, cohesion and helpfulness.

A multicoloured picture book for reading outloud,
or suitably as reading exercise for beginners.

Recommended for the family, nursery and primary school.

Tiziana Gentili-Nenning - Buchtitel * Niki, die kleine Sumpfschildkröte *


"children need books, because they train fantasy, creativity and language ability",

Picture book with
13 water colour paintings
from Helena Lozinskaya

28 pages, hardback
size: 21 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-922095-30-9
publishing house: Weidling Verlag, Stockach
price: 9,90 Euro

you can order the book also directly from me

Tiziana Gentili-Nenning - Schmetterling