My work and my goals

My aim is to create books so attractive that small children will
naturally fall in love with listening and reading.

Through my readings I hope to actively encourage small children to
listen and later to read.
* Through my story I hope to impart important social rules, necessary for
the successful development of small children.
* With my text and the multicoloured illustrations I wish to animate small
children to consider their actions and the possible follow on effects.
This should be by observing and analysing, like the characters in the story.
Subsequently they can the work together in groups to find solutions for
* By adding music to the reading in the relaxed atmosphere of a Reading
, I try to intensify feelings and to produce an emotional exchange
between them and me.
* The life of the picture book and story is enhanced by multicoloured figures
and mobiles. (seeing and feeling)
* Music and happy songs bring everything alive and motivate to a sing-along
and to rhythmical body movement. (hearing and singing)
* The young listeners experience in this way a magical journey into the world
of narration. (perception and fantasy)
* At the end of a reading I let the children paint pictures based on the beautiful
impressions they have received to enable them to fix the experience in their
memories. (organization and memory)
Thus I contribute to the activation of all the children's senses,
by making the story come to life.